What satin bedding is?

Cotton satin bedding set

Satin bedding – this is the trade name for bedding made of natural or synthetic fiber yarn. It means bedding with a characteristic weft, satin weave with a reduced interlacing compared to the plain 1:1 weave. When enlarged, the obverse and reverse of the fabric show characteristic diagonal stripes, which makes it possible to clearly distinguish a satin weave from the other.
Satin weave bedding is made of yarn, not continuous fiber, which gives the impression of being soft, delicate and shinier on one side and slightly duller on the other. Satin-weave bedding is made of various types of yarn, which affects their final properties and features.
The most popular is satin cotton bedding, slightly less polyester yarn satin bed linen. Satin silk bedding is the least popular due to its high price and sensitivity.

Satin bedding, depending on the material from which it was made, may appear under other common and trade names:

- cotton satin bedding – called also as satin cotton bedding is nothing else than satin weave bedding made of cotton yarn. This type of bedding also includes Egyptian cotton satin weave bed linen. Cotton satin bedding is airy and pleasant to the touch, made of natural cotton, it is non-allergenic and absorbs sweat and water vapor. It is also extremely aesthetic and elegant. Satin cotton bedding is mainly classic and geometric patterns that can be found in adult bedrooms.

- microfiber satin bedding (usually made of polyester yarn), also known as micro satin bedding, is made of synthetic yarn polyester fibers with a diameter ten times thinner than natural cotton fibers. That is why micro satin bedding is the most durable. Its advantages include an easier printing process, so it can appear in more colorful patterns. The disadvantage of satin polyester bedding is the high tightness of the fabric, which practically excludes the use of such bedding in the warm months of the year. It is also not recommended for people with excessive sweating.

- silk satin bedding – also called satin silk bedding made of delicate silkworm yarn. Silk satin bedding, characterized by exceptional softness, delicate sheen and extremely pleasant to the touch. Satin silk bedding is one of the most exclusive and expensive solutions. Its unique qualities resulting from the structure and properties of silk give a pleasant feeling of coolness. The only drawback of satin silk bedding is its delicacy. Therefore, it is more difficult to maintain. Having pets at home, we should avoid use satin silk bedding.

Satin bedding prices vary depending on the type of fabric used and the manufacturer. Micro satin bedding has the most affordable price. The cost of a set of such bedding should not exceed several dozen Euro. A more expensive but also a much better solution is a satin cotton bedding. Its prices start from Eur 20 per set. Sets of satin silk bedding will be the most expensive. Its cost is at least hundred Euro.

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