What is a bedspread?

Bedspread – is a type of lightweight cover for a bedroom bed, couch, sofa-bed, bunk bed or other type of single or double beds designed to protect during the day from dust and contamination of the mattress with all elements of bed linen. The bedspread, called also coverlet can be used an additional warm cover during sleep in winter time. Bed covers – bedspreads are usually made of wool, cotton as well as synthetic fibers and combined elements in the patchwork form . They are also can be used as a decorative element enriching the interior design of the bedroom.

Bedspreads are differ not only in material but also in size. Their size should at least cover the surface of the mattress with all bed linen. Depending on the bed construction and the way of making the bed, the bedspread should cover the mattress or hang freely at least several centimetres on each side or touch the floor. Bedspread can be made of woven, jacquard and quilted or plaited fabrics. Depending on how the outer part is finished, we distinguish between plain, woven or combed bedspreads. Bedspreads are great decorative addition and are usually colored, patterned, printed, woven or plaited in beautiful patterns. However, more practical, one-colored bedspreads made of plush or synthetic fibers are more common. The role of bed cover can also be played by appropriate size blankets in order to cover the at least entire mattress surfaces.

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