What is the best base weight of cotton for bedding?

The answer to this question is very difficult. As a rule, we use the concept of weight of cotton or fabric to determine the mass in relation to its surface, whereas the basis weight does not specify other important parameters of the fabric, such as thread count (TC). In recent years, cotton used for the production of bed linen and duvet cover has a base weight between 125-150 gsm up to maximum of 180 gsm. Although there is a belief that the higher base weight of cotton, means the quality of bedding is higher, but it is not entirely true. Higher base weight of bedding means that was made of thicker yarn, higher weight of the bed set and higher strength. Unfortunately, cotton sheets with a heavyweight basis weight over 250 gsm also have their drawbacks such as high rigidity and low resistance to creases and the impression of slippery surfaces. Heavy base weight cotton is not particularly suitable for use in the summer.

Base weight of cotton didn’t tells us about its quality. It can have two fabrics with a very similar base weight, one with a small amount but thick threads in the thread and the other with a large number of very thin threads. In the first case, the fabric looks not very good, there are significant clearances and thick fibers give unpleasant roughness to the fabric. The second fabric with a dense weave does not have the above-mentioned disadvantages and is additionally extremely soft to the touch. So we can’t measure quality of bedding cotton fabrics with the basis weight without additional information.

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