What is breathable duvet?

The breathable duvet or quilt is a term used to describe the properties of mainly summer “thin” duvets, which feature a small amount of inserted filling inside and the cover made of a fabric with a rare weave, ensuring a free air flow. Breathable duvets are a type of cool duvets and are the opposite of warm and thick quilts. The most common breathable duvets have a natural filling (down or feathers) or synthetic (silicone fibers) and cover made of 100% cotton fabric with no admixtures.

Because the term “breathable duvet” is colloquial, it is worth knowing what duvets can not be considered breathable and why. The comfort breathable duvets will not be winter and very warm duvets (duo or double duvets) due to the large amount of filling inside, which effectively insulates and does not allow free circulation of air. We also do not include those with coating cover made of 100% polyester or microfibre, polycotton and other synthetic fiber due to it the very tight construction and high weaving density. Determining breathable quilt can not be used in relation to quilts made of minky – a soft material made of tight polyester fibers. A typical breathable duvet has a 100% cotton cover, is a cool or ultralight duvet with a small filling amount inside made silicone or natural fibers.

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