What is all year duvet? What we call all year duvet?

All year duvet called a universal duvet or a multi-seasonal duvet is a term for the duvet warmth class intended for use throughout the year in countries with a moderate climate, which has been adopted and is used mainly in Eastern Europe. All year duvets are designed for rooms heated in winter and cold in the summer with ambient temperature in a room that does not fall at night below 18-19 °C and is not higher than 22-23 °C. The name “all year duvet” according to the seasonal heat scale of duvets has been used to describe duvet that can be used throughout the year in most flats and houses in Eastern Europe. The weight of all-year duvet with synthetic filling starts from 270 up to 330 g/m², depending on the type of insert / filling. For natural filling all year duvets, the weight ranges start from 220 up to 250 g/m² depending on the type of filling was use.

The all year duvet mining is typical for Eastern Europe countries with a similar to the moderate climate, but in Western European countries, the TOG scale is used more often to determine the warmth of duvet and quilts. The term “year-round duvet” is somewhat misleading. All year duvets and quilts are suitable for 4/5 to 5/6 of the year and in the hottest and coldest months we should use quilts cooler – summer and warmer winter quilts, respectively. Determination of the heat class equivalent for a all year quilt is on the TOG scale 7.5 – 9 TOG, 3-4 point on a six-degree scale and “heat duvet” in the three-degree scale.

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