What is a winter duvet?

Winter duvet is according to the seasonal heat scale a duvet type designed for the coldest season of the year – winter, in countries with moderate climate such as occurs in Europe. Winter duvets are designed for dormitory rooms wherever the temperature in the night is lower than 18-19 C and also for users who suffer from some cardiovascular diseases, thyroid or diabetes manifesting in freezing feet and hands. Winter duvets are most often used during the coldest months of the year, or depending on the needs of people sensitive to cold. The name of the winter duvet is defined by synthetic quilts from basis weight ranging from 360 g/m² to 440 g/m², depending on the filling material and natural duvet filling with down or feathers, 250 g/m² to 350 g/m² depending on the type of inserts.

Winter duvets are definitely warmer than all-year duvets, but cooler than thermal Duo duvets or quilts, four seasons. The name of winter duvets is characteristic for the seasonal heat scale of quilts, whose equivalent in the TOG scale are quilts with the parameter value from TOG 10.5 to TOG 13, the equivalent of the winter quilt in the six-degree scale will be the quilt marked with the class “5”, while in the 3-degree scale it will be quilt very warm.

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