What is a TOG rating scale and Tog unit

Tog scale rating for various season of the year

The Tog scale and Tog unit determines the degree of thermal insulation and is widely used in the textile industry to determine the thermal properties of homogeneous or multilayer fabrics. The Tog heat scale is mainly used to determine the thermal parameters of duvet or quilts, intended for use in various conditions. The division of duvets according to the Tog scale is as follows:

  • 4,5 Tog – very thin duvets, cool, ultra light, 4.5 Tog duvet for use during the warmest season, excellent for summertime hottest night
  • 7.5 Tog – thin duvets, cool, light, 7.5 Tog duvets for use in the summer and in rooms with constantly high temperature
  • 10,5 Tog – medium thick duvets, universal, 10,5 Tog quilts perfect for spring and autumn, intended for use in rooms with central heating system
  • 13,5 Tog – thick quilts, warm, 13,5 Tog quilts designed for the winter giving a sense of thermal comfort even in rooms with a reduced ambient temperature
  • 15 Tog and more – very thick duvets and very warm, duvet 15 Tog for winter time, for rooms with low ambient temperature at night and for people experiencing thermal discomfort during sleep associated with ailments or diseases.

Most often, the Tog unit, when meeting the exact determination of warmth of duvets, is used to determine the thermal insulation of baby sleeping bags, blankets and some types of clothing for newborns and infants. In practice, 1 tog equals 0.1 m2K/W in SI Unit System. In the case of quilts, the measure of thermal insulation is graded every 1.5 Tog. Quilts are divided according to the degree of thermal insulation based on the tests described as Tog Test device specified in the BS 5335 specification. Due to the sensitivity of babies to overheating in the case of quilts and sleeping bags intended for newborns and infants, the test specification for the Tog indicator is applied BS 8510.

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