What is a basis weight of material?

The basis weight of a fabric or material is defined by the mass expressed in grams of 1 square meter of fabric. The unit by which we determine the basis weight is g/m² [gram per square meter]. To calculate the weight of the fabric at home, is necessary weigh the fabric and then measure its length and width. Having this data, divide its mass in grams by its surface area (length multiplied by width) expressed in m². The result of this calculation is the basic weight of the fabric (material).

It will be much harder to determine the basis weight in the case of irregularly shaped fabrics and the weight of multi-material products. In the case of irregular surfaces, the surface can be divided into smaller areas that can be measured. In the case of products made of various materials, we must assume the inaccuracy of such a measurement, judiciously assessing whether the basis weight will be below or above the calculated value for a fabric consisting of several different materials.

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